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+65,000 games

are installed from
Mistplay every day


Mistplayers spend 12% more than
the average mobile gamer


of Mistplayers are women


of Mistplayers are
over the age of 25


The Loyalty Play Model

Work with Mistplay and see why our highly engaged users are the best audience for your game.

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Grow your game with Mistplay

Millions of players use Mistplay to find new games every month. Make sure they discover your game by advertising with us.

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The right game for the right user

Our advanced Machine Learning understands who your target audience is, and automatically recommends your game to users with the highest likelihood of deeply engaging.

You can also take the reins and target based on age group, gender, device info, gaming interests, and more. These highly granular combinations ensure you're always getting the best players for your game.