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Our continuous engagement model means Mistplayers engage longer and make more IAPs than the average player.

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Our Loyalty Program

Mistplay inspires loyalty by continuously rewarding mobile players as they deeply engage in your game. The longer a user plays a game, the more loyalty points they receive which they can exchange for various rewards in our shop.

Loyalty Status

The first true loyalty program for mobile gamers.

We encourage users to make more in-app purchases in your game by rewarding them with Loyalty Points and Status. The more they spend, the more they earn.

Status is achieved by spending a minimum amount every month. Higher spending grants users greater Status levels, unlocking additional premium rewards in the Mistplay shop.


Be certain you're targeting the right audience.


Target gamers based on demographics such as age, gender, OS, device type, and more.


Mistplay is available in North America, Europe, and Asia - and we are continuing to expand in new countries.


Target users based on the genre of games they play, or even a specific list of games.


Our unique placement options allow you to be as creative with your UA strategy as you'd like.

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Delivering a Familiar Feel

Mistplay is designed to give gamers the familiar feel of navigating through curated content. We build personalized game lists for each user, and organize them by genre.


The Ultimate Boost

Can't get enough of our traffic?
For a limited time, we can encourage more users to download your game by increasing the rewards they receive for playing.

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Claim the Top Spot

Make sure your game is the first one a user sees. Our rotating featured game is the absolute top placement in the Mistplay app, and will ensure maximum visibility for your game.


Sponsor a Customized Contest

Still want more volume? Take advantage of our weekly contests by making your game part of the entry criteria. More Mistplayers will discover and engage with your game in order to enter the contest and earn a shot at massive rewards.

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