Unlock the power
of loyalty to scale your user acquisition, retention,
and drive LTV

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The power of your player loyalty

Get players playing and spending more in your games with Mistplay, where they’ll receive rewards for their engagement to increase your DX retention.

Join Mistplay to see why loyalty is the new powerhouse of mobile game advertising.

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Achieve ROI Targets

Unlock growth with automated smart-bidding that maximizes campaign performance and scale.

Reach high-value users and hit ROAS goals through an AI-driven targeting engine optimized for user spending – proven by publishers like East Side Games who increased D7 ROAS by 7.7%.

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Tap into an active mobile gaming community

Engage with our growing user base of over 2 million monthly gamers and spenders looking for their next favorite game. As a loyalty-driven mobile user acquisition platform, both players and publishers win
with Mistplay.


Increase user retention & LTV

The more users play and spend in your game, the more they earn. Mistplay units are redeemable for gift cards from top brands and encourage players to play and spend in your titles – proven by publishers like Century Games who saw a 14% boost in IAP spenders.

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Stand out from the crowd

Built-in mobile game promotion features will help boost your game’s visibility, drive new installs, and increase engagement. Explore game boosts, increased earning rates, custom contests, and more within the Mistplay ecosystem.

"They've been a leading partner in boosting retention by nearly 10% across our Android campaigns which has been a game changer for overall performance and profitability."

Joao Becker, Lead UA Manager, East Side Games

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