June 25, 2024

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A partnership forged in trust: Fostering impactful loyalty for Century Games’ DragonCape Adventure with Mistplay

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Early stages: Launching DragonCape Adventure with Mistplay

Signs of success from launch

Evolving together: From 2020 to 2024 

  • Feature improvements
  • Performance

A vision for the future: Continuous growth and collaboration

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DragonCape Adventure, Frozen City, Family Farm Adventure, and Whiteout Survival are all familiar names that belong to one company: Century Games. As the global leading game developers and publishers, their games have generated over 250 Million downloads worldwide. With collective efforts from employees around the world, Century Games is dedicated to connecting the world through joy.

As a long-term partner, Century Games has consistently leveraged Mistplay’s loyalty platform over the past three years to acquire high-quality players in the global market. Among their catalog, one popular Simulation title is where our partnership began – DragonCape Adventure.  

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Since its launch in 2020, the game has achieved (and maintained) strong performance, having reached the top 100 free charts for both Android and iOS games in the United States as well as being shortlisted for China's Top 30 outbound mobile game revenue

Here’s how Century Games partnered with Mistplay to unlock the power of player loyalty to keep improving performance for DragonCape Adventures and how the partnership has grown since 2020.

Early stages: Launching DragonCape Adventure with Mistplay

The partnership between Mistplay and Century Games began in 2020 as the company searched for a partner to help them acquire new, high-value players. Peng Chaonan, the head of the Mistplay sales team in China, recalls the start of the partnership as a great opportunity to prove the power of player loyalty for Century Games.

"We have always maintained a good relationship with the Century Games team even before our cooperation. When DragonCape Adventure showed strong potential during testing and urgently hoped to acquire more players in the global market, especially in the North American Android market, we established a partnership immediately. Mistplay players have a strong willingness to pay and a high retention rate, especially in the simulation genre, which gives both sides confidence in the cooperation.” – Peng Chaonan, Mistplay Sales Team Lead in China

The DragonCape Adventure experience

Signs of success from launch

Right from the initial launch, Mistplay won Century Games' approval and trust with excellent performance in user retention and ROI, thereby earning additional budget to scale the campaign to more Mistplayers. 

A large part of the success can be attributed to Mistplay’s proactive optimization efforts, with the Ad Operation Manager maintaining close communication with Century Games' user acquisition team and continuously optimizing the campaign based on their performance and goals. Through initiating campaigns in new countries and regions, adopting different advertising forms, and activating AI Campaign and Boosting Ads (which have now become a part of tROAS Campaign feature), Mistplay was able to employ various optimization methods achieving both higher ROAS and scale.

“As an Advertising Operations Manager, I work closely with the Account Manager. Based on the client's advertising strategy and recovery goals, combined with the overall traffic overview and performance of the advertisements, I provide professional optimization suggestions to ensure the game's user retention and return. The user acquisition team at Century Games has placed great trust in our recommendations. With the close communication and collaboration between us, we have ultimately achieved satisfactory advertising results.” – Elise Sun, Mistplay Ad Ops

This effort has laid the groundwork for trust with Century Games in adding Mistplay as a consistent media source for their games.

"Mistplay is highly matched with our games in terms of user profile, has a large volume of users, and is stable and reliable in quality. It is an important traffic channel and long-term partner for us on the Android platform." – Senior Marketing Director at Century Games

Evolving together: From 2020 to 2024 

In the blink of an eye, it's 2024. Century Games has become a top game developer and publisher, while the Mistplay team and products have grown rapidly over the years, becoming a media channel ranking among the top in various ranking published by AppsFlyer, Singular, and covering mainstream markets such as North America, Europe, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand.

Feature improvements since 2022

In 2022, Mistplay told the story of how DragonCape Adventure leveraged tools such as the AI Campaign and Game Boosting to achieve a 132% increase in volume, a 30% uplift in D7 ROAS, and a 14% boost in IAP spenders. Since then, the features have only evolved to generate even more results for Century Games. 

  • The powerful AI Campaign feature in Mistplay has evolved into the next-generation AI-driven tROAS campaign (targeted ROAS), which automatically adjust bids and matches players according to the client's set ROAS goal 
  • The Boosting feature has merged into one of the tROAS features, greatly reducing the workload and achieving fully automated delivery for the clients

The Mistplay platform continues to evolve today to find new ways to delight players and drive results for mobile game publishers worldwide. 

Performance three years in

Over the years, we’ve witnessed the impressive performance of DragonCape Adventure as it was nominated for the Top 30 Chinese mobile games overseas revenue list three years after its launch, thanks to its solid game quality and innovative exploration of side-games such as puzzle-solving and ASMR. 

As a long-term partner of Century Games, Mistplay has actively collaborated on new UA and engagement initiatives for DragonCape Adventure, such as new content updates and advertising campaigns, helping continue to boost results for Century Games.

“Our long-term and stable collaboration with Century Games is actually built on the foundation of trust. Simultaneously, our AI algorithm continuously learns from the game's user data, persistently matching the game with suitable new users. This results in the achievement of stable long-term outcomes.” – Alicia Yang, Mistplay Account Manager
“We place full trust in the Mistplay team, and they have reciprocated with excellent performance and high-quality service. Leveraging Mistplay's user loyalty program, our game has not only secured high-quality players in the global market but also provided them an outstanding experience.” – DragonCape Adventure marketing team

A vision for the future: Continuous growth and collaboration

Reflecting on the past three years of our collaboration journey, Mistplay and Century Games exemplify a successful win-win partnership. This success stems from the unrelenting pursuit of a high-quality gaming experience and a steadfast commitment to bringing joy to players. 

Looking ahead, Mistplay and Century Games will continue to work hand in hand to bring more joy to mobile game players worldwide.

“We look forward to the continuity of this trust-based, long-term relationship so that more players can discover and enjoy the games from Century Games.” – DragonCape Adventure marketing team

Reach out to Mistplay today to see how you can unlock the power of player loyalty for your mobile games. 


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