November 17, 2022

How Dragonscapes Adventure Boosted Global Growth with Mistplay

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Century Games is a global game developer and publisher with over 100 online and mobile games launched. They are best known for their popular mobile game, Dragonscapes Adventure, which has generated over 11.5 million downloads in the Google Play and App Store.


Boost growth globally while maintaining user quality.

The Century Games team was searching for a partner to drive higher quality users globally 
through automated user acquisition and optimization while delivering cost-effective results.


Century Games partnered with Mistplay to maximize
 performance through a mix of advertising solutions.

Alongside Mistplay’s core loyalty program, Century Games leveraged two key Mistplay features, cutting-edge AI Campaign and Game Boosting. These two approaches worked in sync as the AI model uses thousands of data points to determine the profiles of players who are most likelyto buy IAPs based on their spending habits in-game. The Game Boosting feature placed Dragonscapes Adventure at the top of the Mistplay app to target the most ideal users
for full visibility and offered higher earning rates for faster rewards.This allowed the team to scale the campaign within a concentrated 10 day time frame to reach high quality users, grow installs, and improve conversion rate.


By partnering with Mistplay and harnessing the AI Campaign and Game Boosting feature, Century Games was able to run a cost effective campaign to scale high quality users.

Mistplay is a trusted, long-term partner for Century Games. They always work to provide strategic solutions to increase volume and scale high-quality users. They listen to our needs and ensure our games have the best chance to reach the right audience.

Senior Marketing Director at Century Games


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