Mistplay's Economy Disclosure

July 1, 2023

About Mistplay Units

As part of Mistplay Rewards Program, you are rewarded loyalty units (Units) for games you discover in our applications and activities you take part in. You may be eligible to earn Units after you register for an account on Mistplay applications available for download in the Google Play Store for Android devices and the progressive web application on other operating systems.

The amount of Units earned for actions varies and is not the same for all Mistplay users. This means that different users might receive different amounts of Units, even for identical actions or interactions. The availability of Units and the rates at which Units are accumulated can change based on the user, the specific offers provided by Mistplay, and the limits set by the developers of the games you discover through Mistplay.

How to earn Units

There are several ways in which users can earn Units or other digital rewards which can be traded for Units or other virtual offers.  

  • Play games discovered through Mistplay
  • Achieve milestones in games discovered through Mistplay 
  • Participate in contests, special offers or promotions
  • Complete challenges (such as daily login and plays) and special tasks (e.g. refer a friend)
  • Making real-money or fiat currency purchases within qualifying games only (Loyalty Games) and then receiving gems (Gems) in accounts for Android devices
  • Obtaining select badges in games that you play or within the Mistplay app

Ultimately, Units can be redeemed for specific gift cards or rewards available in the catalog and Shop section on the app. 

How Units are calculated

You can check your Units balance by checking your dashboard in Mistplay.  How users earn in relation to below-described Gems and Experience Points is determined by Unit Multipliers (UM) that Mistplay sets through factors such as the specific game selected for play or the way the individual user interacts with games. Generally, you may earn Units from the following app features: 

Experience Points: 

  • Game Experience Points (GXP) are earned at a rate of 150 points per minute, which go towards reaching GXP Checkpoints. At each checkpoint, users are rewarded Units, which are calculated as a base amount of Units multiplied Unit Multiplier (UM). The UM applied to Units earned at each GXP checkpoint is unique to each game and can be found on each game tile. As an example, at GXP checkpoint one, if the base Units earned are 20 Units, and the game offers a UM of 5, the user will earn (20 * 5) or 100 Units at that checkpoint. Typically a user can earn GXP from any game for a limited time throughout the day. The time limits on GXP earn are specified in the app.
  • Player Experience Points (PXP) are rewarded by reaching a GXP checkpoint within a given game. PXP is accumulated until a user gets enough to reach the next PXP checkpoint, at which time the user is rewarded with Units. The amount of Units at the relevant check point PXP is modified by a separate PXP multiplier which is calculated based on the UM, which is referenced at the bottom of the game detail screen. As an  example, if a user earns a base of 200 PXP points from reaching a given GXP checkpoint and the PXP multiplier for that game is 2, the user would earn (200 * 2) or 400 PXP.

Gems: Users on an Android device are eligible to earn Gems based on the amount of in-app purchases they make within a Loyalty Games. Gems are earned within a specific window of time after installing a game (e.g. 30 days) if in-game purchase history is provided to Mistplay by the game developer. Gems can be converted to Units, based on the UM for the Loyalty Game. Gems can instead be spent on in-game digital items, such as avatars.  For all Loyalty Games, there are a maximum number of Gems a user can earn.

Things to know about Units

  • When using our applications, you can’t purchase Units or convert any item to cash.
  • You can’t transfer points between accounts, applications or to someone else.
  • When you have enough Units, you can redeem them for rewards, such as digital items (e.g., avatars) or gift cards up to a maximum of $550.00 USD per year
  • You can earn Units only, generally, up to two hours of play time per game per day.
  • Units do expire.
  • Units can be earned only after a user downloads and plays a game found on Mistplay.
  • Rewards structure and incentives may change without prior notice.

Additional limits and exceptions may apply to your use of our service. For any discrepancies, please refer to our Terms of Use, which will prevail in case of conflict with this statement.