Mistplay Loyalty Program Community Guidelines

Last Updated: May 5, 2021

Welcome to Mistplay’s Community Guidelines, which are a key part of our Terms of Use (available at If you use the Mistplay mobile application (which we’ll call the “App” in this page), these guidelines apply to you. Please take some time to read through them now and ensure you understand them. You may not use our App without having agreed to our Terms of Use. Please note that we may update these Community Guidelines from time to time.

When using any social features within our App, users must follow these Community Guidelines. Some examples of social features on our app include usernames, biographies, chatroom descriptions, direct messages, and public messages. Our App is meant to provide a welcoming and safe experience for all Users, free from any hateful, illegal or otherwise inappropriate behaviour. As such, we’ve created these Guidelines to explain what is allowed and not allowed when interacting with any other User. Mistplay may restrict a User’s access to social features or indefinitely ban them if they violate these Guidelines.


You may not post content or messages that you didn’t create, or do not own. 

You may not share personal identifiable information or sensitive financial information. Some examples of this kind of information include social insurance numbers, debit and credit card numbers, phone numbers, and addresses. It doesn’t matter if this information is your own or if it belongs to others -- just don’t share it.


You may not discuss topics, promote content, or create posts that are unsafe or illegal. Here are some examples of this kind of content:

  • Content that would be considered harmful to minors.
  • Content  promoting dangerous activities involving regulated goods or services (i.e. alcohol, weapons, drugs, etc.)
  • Content about violent crimes, terrorism, or harm to yourself or others. 
  • Downloading pirated content or content about promoting the act of downloading pirated content.

This is not an exhaustive list. Our moderation team reserves the right to remove any content deemed illegal or unsafe.


You may not promote hate violence against other people based on their identity. “Identity” includes, but is not limited to, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical appearance, mental and/or physical disability. As well, we don’t allow the use of slurs, profanity targeting a group of people, unsolicited sexual messages, or content glorifying the suffering of any group of people.

You may not harass or bully other users. This includes:

  • publishing content with the intent to harm another individual
  • sharing of personal information, also known as doxxing
  • libelous or defamatory statements
  • encouraging of self-harm or suicide
  • making inappropriate or unwanted requests for personal information or photos
  • impersonating others to harass users.

You may not make threats of violence or threaten dangerous behaviour. This includes promoting or encouraging terrorism, mass violence, physical harm, torture, self-harm, suicide, blackmail, extortion or any other illegal behaviour.


You may not promote any sort of sexual material. This includes content that encourages or celebrates sexual violence, exploitation, prostitution, sex trade and/or sexual relations with minors. 

Additionally, we do not allow chatrooms created for the purpose of dating or sharing adult-themed content. 


You may not spam other users or the Mistplay social feature as a whole. Spam includes off-topic messages, scams, self-promotion, solicitation (e.g. sending referral codes), promotion of a business, automated posting of messages or comments, or repeatedly posting the same post or message. 

You may not discuss methods of frauding Mistplay.

You may not offer raffles, sweepstakes, games of chance or merit or any opportunity to gamble to other Users. 


If you have noticed inappropriate behaviour in our App’s social features, you may submit reports to bring this to the attention of our moderation team. Reports will be reviewed by our moderation team, who will then take action accordingly. Please be aware that this can take up to a few business days, or more if we are receiving a high volume of reports. 

More information about how to submit reports is available in our FAQ section (at We also encourage you to be aware of the other tools at your disposal, such as blocking users, muting notifications, leaving chat rooms, and more, for keeping our community welcoming and safe. Further information can be found in our FAQ.

If you believe that your account has been wrongfully banned or restricted from our social features, you can reach out to our support team (also at Our team will be able to review the status of your account.

Thank you for reading through our Community Guidelines! Happy Mistplaying, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns.