The premier mobile gaming platform.

Mistplay is a new, personal way to discover games. Instantly play games from your mixlist, level up your avatar, earn rewards and more.

What's on Mistplay?

  • Mobile games

    You'll find a highly curated list of trending and indie mobile games. Play your favourites and discover new ones.

  • Avatars and Levels

    Level-up your avatar and reach higher game levels to earn Mistplay Units. The longer you play, the more you earn.

  • Rewards

    A gamer's dedication should be recognized. Trade your Units for rewards such as Google Play, Steam and Amazon gift cards.

It's simple.

1. Discover

Not sure what to play next? Mistplay recommends games based on your preferences.

2. Earn

You'll receive Mistplay notifications as you earn and level-up in your favorite mobile games.

3. Redeem

Redeem your units for games, gift cards, and more from the Mistplay Shop. The choice is entirely yours.

A better way to play, join now.

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