February 8, 2024

From meet-cute to newly engaged: How these Mistplayers built their own empire

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When we think of the global pandemic that started this decade, there’s a shared sense of dread and uncertainty still. But alongside the isolation grew the search for new ways to connect in the virtual world. From family and friends catching up through weekly video calls to a surge in multiplayer gaming communities, the phrase “stay in touch” took on new meaning.

During this time, Mistplay proved to be so much more than a play-and-earn mobile gaming app. Of course, earning gift cards is a huge driving factor for players. But with a vast multiplayer game selection, Mistplay also serves as a social space to connect with others. And while a play-and-earn app might seem like an unlikely setting for a romantic tale, it’s where two gamers first embarked on their own heartwarming adventure.

From mobile meet-cute to planning the rest of their lives together, here’s how one couple’s journey unfolded.

How two Mistplayers built an empire of love in a medieval multiplayer game

Awaiting the new year, Silje casually scrolled through the app from the comfort of her home. Looking for some sort of escape, it was as though fate intervened when she stumbled upon a medieval role-playing game. While it wasn’t her go-to genre, she took a chance on Mistplay’s recommendation and dove right into this fantasy RPG. She was quickly swept up in battle…and by a curious new connection.

As Silje joined partnerships with fellow players for the sake of her survival in the game, her alliance continued to expand. Within a few months, the players merged with a much larger group. That’s when she encountered someone who caught her full attention.

He was more than just an ally in the game. This man’s kindness extended far beyond the battlefield. He was helpful and supportive, and as they continued chatting, she knew there could be a permanent place for him in her life.

From long distance to IRL

At the time, Silje was based in Europe and he resided in Asia. It would take some time and careful planning to make this work. And it did!

Despite their 10,000 km distance – over 6,000 miles – she was determined to bridge the gap between the confines of their respective continents. After a year since their first in-app encounter, she made the long trip so they could finally be together.

To their delight, the chemistry that fueled their in-game adventures transitioned seamlessly into the real world. And so, their long-distance travels continued until a major moment for the couple. 

This former alliance member, the kind man she met in battle, surprised Silje by taking a leap of faith: He popped the question, and she said yes! The love that had once flourished online carved the couple’s path toward a tangible future together.

To wedding planning and beyond

Today, the happy couple is busy planning their dream wedding, merging their lives together one step at a time. It’s been a long but beautiful process.

Almost three years later, they still find joy in cozying up to play that same fantasy game where they first met in Mistplay. But nothing could be better than the empire they’ve built for themselves, surrounded by their friends from the game cheering them on.

Building your community in Mistplay

This love story, born out of unexpected circumstances, highlights the sense of community shared by Mistplayers all around the world. Beyond the fun of play-and-earn, you never know what you might get in-app: From earning gift cards and entering sweepstakes to finding lifelong friends or forging even deeper connections.

Here are a few things you can do to build your community in Mistplay: 

  1. Invite your friends to play (and earn): Head to the Events tab in-app to send out your invites. You’ll even get some bonus units!
  2. Explore top multiplayer games in Mistplay: Go to the Search tab and tap “Multiplayer” to compete for more than just bragging rights.
  3. Follow us on Instagram, X, and Facebook: Join the conversation and see what other Mistplayers are saying.

Finally, keep an eye out on our social media for a special Mistcode this Valentine’s Day! Get back into Mistplay to make your connections count. After all, your next adventure could be the beginning of your own extraordinary journey.


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