January 22, 2024

Bingo breakthrough: Achieving 10% higher ROI for VividJoan Games

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About VividJoan Games

VividJoan Games is a mobile game publisher with the goal of bringing the excitement of Bingo games to mobile players across the globe, with a particular focus on European and North American markets. Since its establishment in 2016, the company has launched several Social Casino games such as Bingo Wild and Bingo World.

The success of these playful Bingo titles has helped VividJoan rank in the top five board games earnings list in several developed countries, according to SensorTower data in Q3 2023. Bingo Wild, one of their most popular games, has garnered over 3 million downloads globally since its launch in 2020.

Table of Vividjoan games mobile studio details

 The challenge:  breaking through in a classic mobile gaming category

Bingo games, popular in mature markets like Europe and North America, face intense competition due to a saturated market, long game lifecycles, and high revenue potential – with Casino games driving the fourth-highest IAP spend in mobile gaming. Further, as the 2023 Mobile Gaming Loyalty Report uncovered, Social Casino games exhibit one of the largest gaps between the top and bottom quartiles for share of spenders by D30, indicating that while games in the genre have plenty of room to grow, a few top-performers dominate the space.

When VividJoan launched Bingo Wild in 2020, this intense market competition and high user acquisition costs led to them searching for a partner to help improve ROI and ultimately acquire more high-value users in their target markets.

The solution: Mistplay’s loyalty-first platform and AI-driven tROAS campaigns

As the leading loyalty platform for mobile games and a top media source for core markets, Mistplay was an ideal partner to help VividJoan Games achieve its goals. In the 2023 AppsFlyer Performance Index, Mistplay ranked 10th in Global and 8th in EMEA for the Android Casino Power Index, and 8th for the Android Social Casino Volume Index in North America.

Mistplay's tROAS campaigns leverage advanced AI algorithms and machine learning to accurately bid based on a player's likelihood of in-app purchases and align with VividJoan’s specified D7 ROAS goal. The tROAS campaign model ensures that the games reach the maximum number of high-value users while efficiently adjusting for scale and budget to achieve the desired ROI.


Mistplay's loyalty platform for mobile games helped VividJoan Games achieve their campaign targets and acquire new, high-value users in their target markets. In the first quarter of 2023, VividJoan Games achieved: 

  • 10% higher ROI compared to the average across all channels
  • 20% higher ROI compared to rewarded CPE channels 
“For us, Mistplay's user loyalty program represents a win-win model for both developers and players. Developers gain high-value players while players earn rewards from the games. The high retention and LTV (lifetime value) of their users are the best testament to this model's effectiveness. AI-driven automated bidding ads and lower acquisition costs make it easy for us to manage campaigns and secure long-term returns.
Additionally, Mistplay has highly professional account managers who promptly address our needs.“ 

– CHEN Song, CEO of VividJoan

Power up your UA with Mistplay 

Whether you’re facing intense market competition like VividJoan Games, or just looking to generate more installs and LTV from your titles, Mistplay is ready to help. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can work together to unlock the power of loyalty and drive real results.


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