August 16, 2023

How Futureplay Games lifted D7 ROAS by 23.7% and doubled installs with Mistplay

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About Futureplay Games

Futureplay, a Helsinki-based mobile game studio founded in 2015, has a portfolio of six successful games they’ve launched over the years such as Merge Gardens, Battlelands Royale, and Idle Farming Empire that have cumulatively generated over 71+ million downloads. 

information about Futureplay Games and Merge Gardens like location and studio size

The challenge: reaching high-value mobile users at scale and profitability

Futureplay Games, like many mobile game publishers, has been facing an increasingly competitive user acquisition (UA) landscape, compounded by lengthy testing periods and limited creative options. In an effort to improve their UA efforts for Merge Gardens, Futureplay began the hunt for a partner who could provide advanced campaign optimization capabilities to reach high-value mobile users at scale in a profitable way.

The solution: Optimizing for high-value spenders with AI-driven tROAS campaigns

With Merge Gardens relying on IAPs to generate revenue, Futureplay Games decided to leverage Mistplay’s tROAS campaigns, which are a new AI-driven campaign type that automates smarter bids according to a user’s likelihood to spend on in-app purchases.

By leveraging tROAS campaigns, Futureplay was able to not only reach but exceed their ROAS target. The tROAS campaign automated more intelligent bids for Futureplay and optimized towards high-value spenders to drive increased installs for each game and maximize total IAP revenue.

The results

With tROAS campaigns activated, Futureplay saw an immediate boost in D7 ROAS by 23.7% from Q4 2022 - Q1 2023 while more than doubling their scale of installs, making Mistplay an invaluable UA partner.

  • 23.7% increase in D7 ROAS
  • 2.5X boost in installs 
Mistplay's CPI-based incentivization helped us in multiple ways: we could more comfortably use our existing LTV models to evaluate ROAS and we didn't need to worry about user behaviour changes at the end of incentivization events. In addition to the technical aspects, our account manager has been a real asset, reliably providing insight, suggestions, and knowledge to the whole process helping us continuously grow the campaign. 

– Jussi Oja, Senior User Acquisition Manager, Futureplay Games

Power up your UA with Mistplay

If you’re a mobile game studio looking to generate more installs and IAP revenue from your UA strategies like Futureplay Games, Mistplay is ready to help. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can work together to unlock the power of your player loyalty and drive real results.


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