June 14, 2023

MAU 2023 - It’s A Wrap!

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MAU 2023 was a standout year. More than 4,000 industry professionals came together at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas to discuss mobile app marketing strategies, best practices and share ideas during dynamic breakout sessions.

Mistplay’s Experience at MAU 2023

Two & a half gamers x Mistplay Podcast

We had an amazing time recording a two & a half gamers episode hosted by Matej Lancaric and Felix Braberg. The episode features our Director of UA, Gregory Pang, and Senior UA Manager, Tiffanie Chau. It was fun to delve deeper into UA strategies, diversification, and creative operations and testing.

5 O’Clock Club’s Golden Hour @ Drai’s Beach Club

Mistplay was one of the proud sponsors at Five O’Clock Club’s flagship networking event at Drai’s Beach Club. The team was able to connect with partners and friends over cocktails and an amazing view of the Las Vegas strip.

Launched Mistplay 'N Earn Bingo Bash

We introduced the Mistplay ‘N Earn Bingo Bash at MAU in partnership with our friends at tvScientific, where participants could win $500-$3000 in gift card rewards! This fun activation allowed us to meet and chat with many of you!

Unforgettable Family Style Feast @ Carbone

We hosted our exclusive dinner at the legendary Carbone, where we had great laughs, delicious food (highly recommend the Spicy Rigatoni Vodka), and made unforgettable memories.

Takeaways from 2023 MAU

MAU Vegas 2023 captivated attendees with its emphasis on cutting-edge topics shaping the industry. These topics included the role of machine learning and AI in marketing, new UA channels, and the new growth strategies in a shifting landscape.

The Next Big Thing: AI-Powered Personalization

The world is abuzz with AI, as seen at MAU 2023. Marketers were not only focused on optimizing workflows with large language learning models like Chat GPT4 but also discussed them as an additional tool for scaling the production of ads. The general consensus is that AI can offer the initial suggestions and designs, empowering user acquisition managers and design teams to enhance and customize them according to their specific requirements.

CTV emerges as a promising new UA channel

Connected TV (CTV) allows mobile marketers to reach a new target audience on their televisions. As CTV viewership continues to rise and investment in CTV advertising grows, marketers are seizing the opportunity to deliver brand messaging to a wider audience.

Shifting Landscape: Ad Budgets in the Changing Economy

In this shifting economic landscape, advertising budgets are feeling the squeeze. Marketers are grappling with lean team structures and limited resources. Acquiring and retaining high-value users to maximize ad spend is top of mind for many mobile marketers.

A loyalty-driven growth strategy rewards players for coming back and keeps them invested while simultaneously fostering retention among new users. Pairing that with a community-driven user acquisition strategy, you can harness the loyalty and enthusiasm of dedicated players to propel organic growth through word-of-mouth influence.

If you didn’t have a chance to meet us at MAU, don’t hesitate to contact us to hear more about how we can help you drive growth and increase your LTV today.


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