September 13, 2023

Outperforming traditional channels: How Trailmix achieved 25% greater D1 retention with Mistplay

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Created in 2017, Trailmix is an award-winning studio based in London. Partnering with Supercell, they set out on a mission to combine great storytelling with the best in free-to-play mobile gaming. Love & Pies is their flagship mobile game with over 7+ million downloads.

The challenge

Trailmix was seeing limited reach with traditional media sources in key markets such as the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. They needed new and innovative strategies to achieve their acquisition and retention goals and were looking to find the right partner to drive long-term, high quality users while still being able to deliver cost effective results. 

The solution

Partnering with Mistplay, Trailmix was able to achieve successful growth in the US, Canada, and UK markets, and see significant improvements in user acquisition performance on Android. The collaboration unlocked a new source of high-quality and engaged users, resulting in a substantial lift in aggregate UA performance compared to their existing media channels. 

This was achieved by harnessing Mistplay's AI-driven tROAS campaigns. Our advanced AI algorithms and machine learning technology understood Trailmix's target audience, enabling us to automatically recommend Love & Pies to engaged players and deliver high LTV users in their target markets. 

The results

Mistplay’s loyalty platform drove high UA performance on Android in Q1 2023, compared to other media sources in the US revealing loyalty-powered user acquisition to be the key to growth. 

  • 25% higher D1 retention compared to other paid channels
  • 30% aggregate install uplift
“Mistplay unlocked a very valuable audience for us. Their team has been instrumental in helping drive the most value out of the platform and their users are definitely more valuable and sticky for longer durations. Their tROAS campaigns helped reach a significant amount of players that we may not have had a chance to catch in traditional platforms.”

– Said, UA Manager, Trailmix

Power up your UA with Mistplay 

If you’re a mobile game studio looking to generate more installs and LTV from your UA strategies like Trailmix, Mistplay is ready to help. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can work together to unlock the power of your player loyalty and drive real results.


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