November 20, 2023

How Higgs Studio achieved 2x retention compared to CPE rewarded media sources

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About Higgs Studio

Higgs Studio is a world famous mobile game developer that aims to provide the best puzzle experiences to mobile gamers across the globe. Their game portfolio includes casual titles such as Tile Master, Art Coloring, Tile Connect, and more, bringing colorful interactive experiences to gamers on the go. 

Their flagship game, Tile Master, has 3m+ daily active users and over 50M+ downloads on 
the Google Play Store. Six months after release, it became the #1 most downloaded game in the subgenre in over 34 markets, including France and Germany, and reached the top 10 in over 87 markets.

The challenge: Consistently hitting ROAS targets across media sources

The game portfolio under Higgs Studio encompasses many new and mature casual titles. Higgs’ main user acquisition (UA) goal is to continuously acquire high-value users globally while ensuring they hit their ROAS targets. This places extremely high demand on the quality of users, the range of traffic, and optimization capabilities from the media channels they use to advertise their games.

The solution: Mistplay’s loyalty-first and AI-driven user acquisition platform  

Mistplay boasts a high-quality, global user base with over 2M+ monthly active users across mainstream markets such as North America, Europe, and South Korea. Mistplay is home to a significant number of casual and puzzle gamers (and spenders), which is exactly what Higgs Studio was looking for. The unique loyalty platform rewards players with units based on their gaming duration and in-game activity like spending, which users can redeem for gift cards. Compared to CPE media sources, Mistplay’s users are focused more on the gaming experience itself, resulting in long-term loyalty and engagement.

Mistplay stores rich user profiles and labels, creating a comprehensive dataset which our AI-driven tROAS campaigns leverage to get results for publishers. This campaign type analyzes games and target audiences, taking into account the ROAS goal set by Higgs, and intelligently bids to promote games to users that are most likely to play and spend. With this AI-driven approach to UA, Higgs is able to continually increase revenue by acquiring a steady flow of high-value users into their games.

The results

Mistplay’s loyalty platform drove high UA performance for Higgs Studio in Q2 2023 compared to incentive-based CPE channels.

  • Nearly 2x the D60 retention rate compared to CPE channels
  • Increased the long-term ROAS coefficient of their aggregate UA performance (D60 ROAS/D7 ROAS) by 15% 
“Compared to incentive-based CPE channels, Mistplay users exhibit higher retention rates and user lifetime value. Leveraging Mistplay's rich user tags, we can select the most suitable users, and AI-driven tROAS ads further enhance our customer acquisition volume and ROI.”  – Jat Peng, Global User Growth Director, Higgs Studio

Reach your ROAS goals with Mistplay

If you’re a mobile game studio looking to reach your ROAS targets and attract high-quality users like Higgs Studio, Mistplay is ready to help. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can work together to unlock the power of your player loyalty and drive real results.

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