November 17, 2022

How a Top 50 Grossing Puzzle Game increased D7 ROAS by 5.2x

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A Top 50 Grossing puzzle game increased their daily install volume through Mistplay by 63% while also increasing D7 ROAS by 420% (5.2x) by leveraging tROAS campaigns as part of their ramp-up strategy following global launch.

tROAS campaigns are a new AI-driven campaign type offered by Mistplay to help advertisers maximize quality and quantity of installs so they can hit return on ad spend goals at scale.


The publisher wanted to further increase scale in the US for their puzzle game following its global release. They needed to acquire as many users as possible, and drive revenue, in order to climb the charts and break through the Top 50 ranks while maximizing user quality and performance to fuel sustainable growth.

As part of their ongoing media mix, they were running campaigns on Mistplay using manual targeting, but wanted more volume of loyal users with high engagement and spending habits.


A tROAS campaign was launched on Mistplay to further fuel the scale of high quality users and support the game breaking into the Top 50 Grossing Puzzle Games in the US. The new campaign provided:

  • Exposure to new audiences that enjoyed playing puzzle and merge games, but that the publisher wasn’t previously reaching due to manual targeting.
  • Smarter bidding, powered by AI models and user behavior, to acquire more IAP spenders.
  • Improved campaign performance that allowed the publisher to increase their daily budgets, drive even more volume, and sustain profitable growth over time.


In comparison to manual targeted campaigns, tROAS campaigns provided:


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